Ziemer Ophtalmology

Wavefront Display

Reducing the risk of post-surgery refractive surprises

  • Powerful ray-traced total corneal wavefront
  • RMS value for a fast estimate of vision
  • Adjustable alignment and region of interest

Measuring of high order aberrations help identifying the most suitable IOL for cataract patients and allows custom treatments for refractive patients. Results can be displayed as a value or in a map. Each higher order aberration can be displayed or hidden.

The RMS value can be used as a good overall indicator for the vision of a patient, because it summarizes all aberrations of the cornea. Higher values indicate a bad overall vision that cannot be fully corrected with lenses or glasses anymore.

The alignment is adjustable giving the possibility of decentralized treatment planning. The adjustable region of interest allows the comparison between day and night vision and different treatment zones to achieve the best result.